• Divine Yoga on Tuesday Mornings!

    Join Christine Tresselt via Zoom for two opportunities to practice together. At 10:00 am, a 30-minute Chair Yoga will begin, followed by Gentle Yoga at 10:45 am. We are using just one Zoom link for both meetings. You may choose one or stay for both.
    • CHAIR YOGA: Find a comfortable chair, preferably without arms and with some space to move around it. Gather a blanket or throw pillows, any layers for warmth and a couple of yoga blocks or books for support, and enjoy some gentle stretches designed to release tension
    • GENTLE YOGA: At 10:45, Gentle Yoga will begin so grab the same props (minus the chair) and find some space in the house to be able to stretch out on the floor. A yoga mat is nice, but not necessary.
    We will move, stretch, and breathe together and find some gentle peace in community. Please contact Christine you have any questions.

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