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Serve the Church

There are many ways that you can be involved in the life of our church, offering your own gifts and skills to help further the church’s purpose while receiving the gifts that come from deeper communal involvement.   

Participate in Worship

We are always interested in having new faces and new voices to read scripture during worship and participate in our wonderful choir.  We also have a time for Testimony for members and friends to share their stories of faith and experiences of God with the wider congregation.

Serve on a Ministry

We have many ministries (committees) that provide a wonderful opportunity for people to relate more deeply with one another, grow in faith, and support the ministry and operations of the church. Our ministries include: Health and Wellness, Outreach, Adult Faith Formation, Children and Youth Faith Formation, Welcome, Financial Resources, Communications and many other groups of service that arise when there is a need.  

Offer Care

There are lots of ways to care for one another. Help by making a meal for a sick church member, offer someone a ride to church, set up or clean up from a wider community event like the Christmas Tree Lighting Supper, or provide a meal for one of our Bible Study evenings.

Share your Gifts

What are your particular gifts and skills—music, finances, creative writing, education, yoga, juggling?  Give us an opportunity to fold what you can do into the work and ministries of this church. We have a rich community of gifted people of God and you have much to offer yourself!


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