• Health Ministry Lenten Challenge: Adopt a Forty Day Health Habit

    For the second year, Health Ministry challenges members to adopt “ONE” health-promoting habit for 40 days.  You determine the personal lifestyle practice.  Commitment and passion are key to selecting a change of habit. Here are some ideas to kick-start your selection:

    • Add healthy fats to your diet such as avocados, olive oil, almonds, walnuts and salmon.
    • Fast 3-4 hours before bedtime until breakfast to allow the body to detox and burn fat.
    • Balance each day with Centering Prayer, Bible Study or exercise such as yoga or a walk.
    • Create a gratitude journal to cultivate an attitude of gratefulness.
    • Eliminate “40 Items in 40 Days.” Find one item each day that you no longer need. Keep a bag by the door for donations. This practice makes a great family activity.

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