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  • A Walk in the Fells

    Middlesex Fells Reservation

    Saturday June 8, 2019

    8:30 to 9:50 am.

    Join us for a contemplative walk in nature, patterned on the exercises of Mark Kutolowski who led our retreat day at Church of the Woods.

    We will gather at the entrance to the Fells across from 74 Hillcrest Parkway. Our group will use the trails around Long Pond but will step off the trails to open the senses and enjoy the wonder of this beautiful, protected land. Youth who can enter into the contemplative exercises are welcome. Dogs are discouraged since they will distract us from the disciplines involved.

    What to bring You may want to carry some water. Long trousers can be a protection from insects. Anything else needed for the exercises will be supplied that morning. Come and enjoy God’s world in some new ways!

    The contemplative walk is led by Jonathan Goodell and sponsored by Health Ministry. Please send questions and RSVP to Kathleen Zagata.