Ripley Chapel

Ripley Chapel Embodied Prayer Setting

Can You Support Ripley Chapel?

Donations can be made by check sent care of the Treasurer, First Congregational Church, 21 Church Street, or dropped off directly with Sarah in the church office. Donations may also be made via electronic funds transfer using PayPal or directly from a charitable or brokerage account such as Fidelity Secure. Please be sure to specify on the check or electronic form that the donation is for the Ripley Chapel project. Gifts of appreciated stock are also welcome.  Sarah can provide details on how to make stock transfers to the church. Contact Taylor Tresselt (617-538-1755,) or Debbie Johnston (781-956-7928) with further questions.


Have questions about the Ripley Chapel renovation?

The Working Group has answers for you! Read our Frequently Asked Questions.


Latest Ripley Chapel News

Learn about what the Ripley Chapel Working Group is up to and how we are moving forward.

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