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Happy New Ripley Year!

2018 was a very rigorous year for the Ripley Chapel Working Group as it worked hard to develop a final design for renovations for Ripley Chapel that would fit within the budget available.  We are now ready to proceed to the construction phase pending the approval of the congregation.

The Ripley Chapel Working Group has selected a General Contractor for the Ripley Chapel Renovation Project and prepared a final budget.  The RCWG is ready to proceed to the construction phase of the project.  We respectfully request the support of the FCCW Leadership Team and the members of the congregation.  During December 2018 we have been holding coffee hours in Ripley in order to educate everyone about our plans and to answer questions that people have.  We will hold a Q&A session after worship on January 6, 2019.  There will be a Special Congregational Meeting on January 13th after worship in the Sanctuary.  We pray the congregation is ready to make this decision.

The RCWG released an invitation to bid and sent it to seven general contractors on October 12, 2018.  Four bid proposals were received on November 16.  Three of these were competitive and within budget capabilities.

The RCWG recommends we contract with Seaver Construction.  While Seaver’s bid was 6% higher than the lowest bidder the RCWG believes Seaver has the best ability to execute over a shorter period of active construction (8 weeks) and their capabilities for our type of project should present a lower risk for FCCW.  We also project it will help keep our remaining architectural services costs low.

On this page you can find all the critical documents that explain our plans; the Final Design Elements for the Renovation of Ripley Chapel, Ripley Chapel Build Phase Budget and the full architectural plans.  As you may notice in the budget we have included anticipated revenue from a donor in the amount of $40,000 which we have high confidence will be remitted once the congregation votes to proceed with our plan.  You will also note a few desirable items that have been zeroed out in order to keep the budget balanced.  Should we not use all of the contingency dollars budgeted for construction we would be able to restore some or all of these items.

The Ripley Chapel Working Group,

Bruce Alexander (Project Leader), Laurie Roby, Carolyn Plosky, Penny Sparrow, Rev. Will Burhans, Rev. Judy Arnold and Jane Ring Frank.  And with invaluable assistance from church members (and architects) Jennifer Miller and Andrew Sansoms.

Have questions about the Ripley Chapel renovation?

The Working Group has answers for you! Read our Frequently Asked Questions.

View the Ripley Chapel Bid Set Torrey Architecture 10-05-18

View Ripley Chapel Build Phase Budget 1-2-19 update

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